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About Us


The K Woods Foundation is committed to maximizing impact by prioritizing the construction of a
community center that will primarily serve the Park Hill neighborhood of Staten Island. The
13,000 sq. ft. Community center space will serve as a hub for community members to come
together and participate in a wide range of activities, programs, and services that promote
health, education, violence prevention, and community development.

We are proud to say that our organization recently completed the construction of Phase I: a new
basketball court and playground area, with modern equipment designed to be developmentally
appropriate for all ages and abilities. The new recreational facilities and playgrounds hope to
achieve equal access to the essential needs of living well, including improving the quality of life
for residents on a daily basis by working towards changing their habits and creating new
beneficial social patterns that will continue to be developed over time.

In addition to the community center, The K Woods Foundation offers a variety of free and
accessible recreational programming, mentorship opportunities, youth development programs,
workshops, arts & cultural programming, community building events, and food/resource
distributions. These initiatives are designed to create opportunities for children and families to
build a more healthy, united, and engaged community.

Our youth development programs provide a range of activities that promote healthy lifestyles,
leadership development, and academic achievement. We also provide mentorship spaces that
allow youth to connect with positive role models in their community, learn new skills, and build
their self-confidence. Our arts & cultural programming offers opportunities for community
members to learn about and engage in various forms of artistic expression, including music,
dance, visual arts, and theater.

Community building events provide a chance for community members to come together and
celebrate their heritage and culture. These events include cultural festivals, health fairs, and
community service projects. Food and resource distributions provide families with access to
healthy food options and personal hygiene supplies that support their overall well-being.
At the K Woods Foundation, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive.
Through our programs and services, we work to create a more equitable and safe community
where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. We are committed to building
strong and lasting relationships with the community members we serve, and we work tirelessly
to create meaningful impact and positive change.